Meg Humphrys

International Water Centre Alumnus Meg Humphrys has recently released her first children’s book When Water Lost Her Way about the water cycle through her own label Circles Publishing.  Meg has written and illustrated the story, which brings together different influences from her life from art and travel to surfing, science, philosophy and education.  A local Phillip Island resident, Meg has worked in various water management roles over the past 9 years and currently works at Westernport Water in wastewater management and sustainability. 

Saturday 28th July 9:30  

Meg will introduce her book: When Water lost Her Way, which follows the character’s journey through the water cycle, prompted by Water’s questions: Where do I belong? Why am I here? And where am I going? The effective premise gives way to weaving – potentially dry scientific – details of the water cycle into a poetic and whimsical story of self-realisation. With a strong female lead, this story leaves the reader reflecting on the strength, grace, and wisdom of Water, the intricacy of the water cycle and the importance of Water as a precious resource. "Lost in her ever-changing forms, 'Water' questions who she is after an encounter with a creature in an underground cave.