Jane Caro wears many hats; including author, lecturer, mentor, social commentator, columnist, workshop facilitator, speaker, broadcaster and award-winning advertising writer. Jane has also appeared on The Drum, Q&A, The Project, Daily Edition, Mornings on 9, Studio 10 and Today. She writes regular monthly columns for Mt (Management Today) Magazine and the Sun Herald's Sunday Life.

SATURDAY  28h July 9:30 AM 

SATURDAY  28h July 9:30 AM 

Jane is known for saying what she thinks across the news and entertainment media. In her book Plain Speaking Jane, she reveals that she was not a model child or a faultless parent, and she's a better person for it; that asking for help is a skill worth mastering; and that in her long and successful career in advertising, she was bullied by some of the wittiest men in Australia. 

Jane talks frankly about her battle with anxiety, offering assurance and hope to the one-in-three Australian women affected by the condition. Jane shows that anxiety is not a life sentence and that on the other side lies the ultimate reward: the freedom to do as we please.


When Julia Gillard was Prime Minister, Quentin Bryce was Governor General and Christine Nixon was Chief Commissioner of Police in Victoria, right-wing shock-jock Alan Jones claimed that women were “destroying the joint”. This inspired Jane to bring together a collection of writings about the importance of women in public life: Destroying the Joint: Why Women Have to Change the World.