Ian Robinson is a writer, editor and teacher of writing who lives in Cowes. He has published a number of poems, short stories and magazine articles, and a heap of primary school maths books.

Saturday  28th July 10:30  

Two of his full-length plays were recently performed at La Mama in Carlton and he won the National One-Act Play Competition in 2015. He has been head of the Professional Writing and Editing diploma course at Chisholm Institute, President of the Melbourne Writers Theatre and has served on the Victorian committee of the Australian Writers Guild.

He has been invited to present his workshops on story and story structure at the National Screenwriters Conference, the National Playwriting Conference, the Romance Writers of Australia, the Storytellers Guild, the Australian Writers Guild, the Victorian Writers Centre, the CAE, many regional writers’ conferences, and more locally, for Ibis Writers, Bass Coast Writers Group and PICAL.

Ian will explore the nature of a story as a narrated series of events, and in particular, what makes a story worth telling. He investigates the main structural elements of a story, and the significance of the order in which they are narrated.